Day 13!

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Wow, we finally made it!  Today we finish up our 12 Days of Christmas.  With Day #13.  Next year we promise to have better math.  But this year, too many ideas and not enough days.  Even so many ideas, that we could have actually had 15 Days of Christmas.  Because we have 3 things to show you today.  

The three products are all related- we call them our "Countdown" projects.  There are so many ways to count down the Days in December- we have done many of them in past years, but here are our latest.

First is our "25 Stars".


The idea behind these is to make a star ornament for each day in December and then hang them on the tree on the corresponding day.  We wanted to have a tree for the picture, but we just ran out of time.  But I'm sure you can imagine it!  I can't wait to show these to my 13 year old niece.  She is one of those girls who is really into "bling".  Jewelry, hair accessories, but mostly, bling on her jeans.  I think she may even like these.




The kit comes with the fabric and this adorable number label sheet (glitter is not included).


Next, we have another new "Little Ink Swatch".  This one is chalkboard inspired with those same cute numbers.



What did we make with them?  Cute little countdown bags- just the right size for a cute little gift or piece of candy each day in December.  






An extra bonus is that each canvas sheet has an extra image at the bottom (Merry & Bright and Peace, Love, Joy) to use on whatever you want.  

We have the entire kit available- with the 2 canvas screen printed sheets, fabric and ribbon- or you can get just the canvas screen printed sheets and use fabric you already have.  Each bag measures 4" x 5" when they are finished- so you might have scraps of various fabric already in your stash.

And the final way to Countdown to Christmas.  This one is the easiest.  No sewing involved.  We have a chalkboard inspired carvas print:


You can actually use chalk to mark off the days.  You can then use a chalkboard eraser or damp cloth to erase the chalk.  It comes in 8" x 10" or 16" x 20".  You can either frame it or just hang it on a bulletin board.  

Everything shown today is available here.

Wow.  We are finished!  Unless, of course we think of another idea.  Thanks for following us the past couple of weeks!  We will choose a winner of our contest later this week.  Have a great Wednesday!