Day 12

In Life by Lisa Burnett

Or not.  I know I said on Wednesday that our final project for our 12 Days of Christmas would be up today.

Unfortunately, it's going to have to wait till Monday.  I know all of you are out shopping anyway!  We have something really cute planned- something that I have been wanting to make for my little boy- but the fabric for it hasn't come in yet.  We were hoping it would get here today and we would whip it up, but I haven't seen the UPS man.  So- Monday it is.  And if it doesn't get here on Monday, we will substitute something!

Just a reminder- Our Black Friday Subway Art special started today on our Etsy site.  It runs through Monday.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  We sure did.  As always, after eating, I say I am never going to eat again.  But also as always, I woke up hungry.  Go figure.