Day #11

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Wow!  We are almost to the finish line.  We only have two projects left- but Day #11 might just be the cutest!

Our most popular product for the last 20 years or so is this snowman table runner.



So we wanted to make a teeny tiny version of the classic.  It isn’t a table runner, but I think it’s even cuter!

We call it Itty Bitty Snowmen, and we hung them on crochet thread to make a garland.





There are so many places you can use these:

  • On your Christmas tree.
  • On your mantel.
  • Hang a few at the foot of your child’s bed.
  • Decorate a chalkboard.
  • Put one snowman on each plate at your holiday table.
  • Use as a finishing touch when wrapping a present.

I could think of more, but I might have snowman overload!  Each snowman measures 3.5″ tall, and the fabric kit includes enough to make 6 snowmen.  You can find the pattern and kit here or on Etsy here.

Tomorrow is our last day.  But remember, we usually save the best for last.  Or, the last one is usually the one that isn’t quite finished yet!  Seriously, the last one is tied for my favorite.  Hope to see you tomorrow!