Day 10

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Today is all about choices.  We start with a simple tree shape:


Then you have several choices.

* Tie 2 together to create a pocket that holds silverware or treats. Finish with a personalized label and each person at the table will have their own.




* Tie 3 together so the tree can stand up. You can then place it on a plate or make several for a centerpiece:



* Tie 12 together, alternating the top and bottom to create a table runner.  As you can see, we were a little bit lazy this morning, as we only have 3 tied together, but you get the idea:


The kit includes the pattern fabric, ribbon, felt, and labels to create 12 trees. If you tie them to hold silverware, there will be 6 total, if you tie them to stand up, there will be 4 total. Each tree measures 7" high.  To view and purchase the kit, click here.

A few more things.

Day #11 of our 12 Days of Christmas will be tomorrow, Wednesday.  However the final day won't be on Thanksgiving- we will do that on Friday.  Friday.  Yes, Black Friday.  Which made us think we should do something for Black Friday.  All three of us will be shopping- online, definitely not in the stores- so we thought we could offer you something fun.

My favorite gift item in our store is definitely our large Subway Art:


As well as our Custom ABC Print:


Both of these measure 16" x 20".  For Black Friday (and Saturday, Sunday and Monday), if you order one of these, you will receive one of our small prints free!  You can choose anything that is 8" x 10"- such as:

Our most popular print- the Sewing Words Subway Art:

Tn_sew subway1

A favorite for little girls' rooms:

Tn_sunkissed circles

Or a fun Christmas gift:


There are a lot more choices on our site.

So if you would like to give your parents, husband, best friend or yourself a custom Subway Art, Friday would be a great time to do it!

Have a great Tuesday- see you tomorrow!