Corn, Corn, Corn, Corn

In Life by Lisa Burnett

OK you can say that I am spolied but I have a thing about eating canned corn or frozen corn from the grocery store – I just can't do it!  Canned corn always reminds me of the school cafeteria – something that does not bring back pleasant memories for myself.  So every year I gather up my family to clean, cook, cool, and cut corn to prepare ourselves for the winter.  This year was no exception –

I ordered up 21 dozen ears of corn ( I would love to say that I grew it myself, but I have quite a brown thumb – I will post about that sometime!)

Tn_IMG_1427 copy

Gathered everyone up to clean it –

Tn_IMG_1429 copy 

Always when we start, I say to myself this won't take very long.  I seem to say something different when we are done.  The only one at my house that throughly enjoys this part are the sheep.  They get to eat all of the husks and we can't keep up!

Tn_IMG_1432 copy

Once they are all cleaned my husbands job is to start cookin' ( I am so thankful he helps me out!)

Tn_IMG_1439 copy

Of course we have to eat lunch – which is holey jeans boy favorite part!

Tn_IMG_1440 copy

I get to cut the corn from the cob.  Now this job is both a blessing and a curse.  First off there is nothing better than eating cold corn cut right off the cob.  However, the curse is afterwards – my tummy!!!

Tn_IMG_1449 copy

So glad we have that done – My freezer is full and my kitchen, clothes, etc were so full of starch from the corn that we could have starched 100 pairs of jeans! Took awhile to get my kitchen back to normal but well worth it!

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