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We've been keeping a secret. And with most secrets, it has been kind of hard to keep.  But we are finally able to tell.  For some of you, this may be big news, if you are a quilter, probably not.  But it is big news to us.  Here goes.

We started Sweetwater about 12 years ago.  Back then, Sweetwater wasn't a fabric/pattern company (although my mom had her own company where she designed fabric and patterns).  Some of you will remember Sweetwater as a scrapbook company.  That's what we did- we designed and produced products for the scrapbooking industry.  Which is really different than the quilting industry.  I won't get into all the differences, but a major difference is that scrapbookers are always demanding new products.  New, new, new.  If it has been out for 2 weeks, it is now old.  Which, in turn, put a whole lot of pressure on us- and we came out with a new line every single month.  Yikes.  Those were some good days, but some crazy days.  Not that designing fabric doesn't come with crazy days, but it is whole different kind of pressure.

Anyway, in 2008, we were invited by Moda to submit a fabric line.  That line was called Authentic.  We were over the top thrilled when it was actually produced.


But we also knew we had a decision to make.  We knew we couldn't have a fabric and pattern company and a scrapbook company without one of them suffering.  That was a hard choice.  But it was Moda.  We have always wanted to design for Moda.  So that is what we chose, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But I was sad.  We had put everything we had into Sweetwater, the scrapbook company.  I was emotionally attached.  I remember when our very last line of paper was printed, I had tears.  I knew we would never design another paper collection.

But I got over it.  The first time I saw and touched the Authentic fabric, I was over it.  Mostly.  I still remembered the scrapbooking days with fondness.  And we still got the same question from scrapbook stores and customers- "Are you ever going to have another paper line".  No, no and no.  Not going back to that craziness.  

But then about a year ago we had an idea.  Wouldn't it be great if we could turn all these fabric collections we have into paper collections, without having the job of manufacturing, advertising, selling, etc., etc., etc. Ya, that would be great.  It would be great to design for a company that would take care of all that.  But it couldn't just be any company.  And I know what company I wanted to ask.  But I had to ask.  And believe me, it was pretty intimidating to ask.  After all, this company is huge in the scrapbooking industry, very respected and already had amazing products.  But it doesn't hurt to ask, right?  

So about 9 months ago, I finally got the guts to ask one of our favorite scrapbooking companies, Bazzill, if they might be interested in us designing a paper collection for them.  And guess what?  9 months later we have 2 collections coming out!  Just in time for CHA (the huge craft and hobby tradeshow).  We will show the products on our blog next week, but tomorrow (Saturday) Bazzill is having a huge product release party on their blog, where you can check out the collections.


You will have a chance to win prizes every hour.  But if you aren't the winner, come to our blog next week and we will have a contest of our own.  

So that is our big news.  We are over the moon excited.  And we want to thank Bazzill for giving us the opportunity to do this.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

Now, on to more big news.  News you quilters might want to know about.  My most favorite ever, ever, ever fabric collection ( I know that I say that a lot, but this time I'm serious) is now just hitting stores.  If your local quilt store ordered Noteworthy, it should be there now (or any day now).   We actually have some pre-cuts and a limited amount of yardage in our store.  

You may want to check out, as they were so kind to feature us and Noteworthy in their blog.    

If you forgot what Noteworthy looked like, here is a reminder:





Tn_IMG_2270_1 copy


I'm posting those pictures not only as a reminder but because they make me happy.  It is snowing and cold here, so I need a reminder of summer.  Noteworthy reminds me of warmth.  And sun.  And everything I love.  Well, not quite everything I love.  I have one more thing to say about something I love in this marathon blog post.  



By the way, my sweet husband somehow managed to get us tickets to the game.  I'm so excited I already have butterflies in my stomach.  If you watch the game on TV (because I'm quite sure every quilter is a Bronco fan), you will notice that it is very cold.  Very, very cold.  Like around 10 degrees cold.  Doesn't matter.  I'll be loving every moment of it.  Unless, of course, they lose.  In which case I won't be able to blog next week because my heart will be broken.  I'm counting on blogging.  See you next week!