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Yes, my vacation is over. As mentioned on the previous blog, I spent my vacation at the county fair.  I was there every waking moment and now that I am back to work I really want to go back to the fair, but reality sets in and I know that is not possible!!!  Before the fair began, my mom had these big plans about ripping some carpet out of one of our offices and turning it into a store (more about that later).  So, my husband and I looked at it and told her that we would be happy to help her tear it out but it wouldn't be until after the fair was over.  Of course when my husband looked at it his initial reaction was that the carpet was in good shape and couldn't understand why anyone would want to rip it out.  Both me and my mom looked at him and said, "It is not the look we want".  He has been around long enough to just agree when it comes to decorating! 

Well, I know my mother and she indeed is very independant so I kinda figured that she would be working on it by herself.  Guess what?  I got to work this morning and yes I was right her independence kicked in -

The carpet was piled by the door

Tn_IMG_1384 copy

and then you open the door and there she is trying to get the glue from the carpet off of the floor –

Tn_IMG_1378 copy

This is the product that she is using to get the glue off – anybody know of anything better to use?

Tn_IMG_1379 copy

We are planing on staining the cement floor once the adhesive is removed and will post an after picture once it is done.  Now, what do we have planned for the store – We are not really sure nothing is set is stone but we would like to be open a few times a month and sell items that we have refurbished.  Once we have more information we will be sure to let you all know!!  On a side note any of you that live local, we are having a garage sale this Saturday – lots of scrapbooking items, fabric, odds and ends left over from the Sweetwater House, and yes even some junk!!

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