Back To It…

In Life by Lisa Burnett

You may be wondering if we would ever post again.  We are slowly getting back to work after the Christmas week.  Hopefully everyone had a wonderful holiday- we certainly did, despite the nasty weather. 

Here is a little run down of what happens around here the week after Christmas:

  • My mom immediately takes down her Christmas tree the morning of the 26th.  Not only the tree, but every Christmas decoration.  No trace of Christmas around here until next December.
  • I get excited.  Really excited. For Spring.  I love Christmas, but in my mind, spring is only 8 weeks away (if you can count March as spring around here).  I start stalking my favorite stores- J.Crew, Gap, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel for any sign of spring merchandise.  I don't want to look at sweaters and boots anymore- just give me some shorts and flip flops!
  • Scrabble.  My mom and I play lots of scrabble this week.  And I always win.  Sometimes I don't even try to win, but I always do.  I think it is payback for my mom who made me play with her when I was 5.  She always won when I couldn't even spell my name. 
  • I swear that I'm never going to eat again.  After the 100,000 calorie week I had, I feel so yucky that when I go to bed I just know all I'll want the next day is oatmeal.  Never happens.  For some reason the more I eat, the more my stomach growls the next day.  Go figure. 
  • We start planning the new year at Sweetwater,  which this year includes a new feature in January.  Because we had such a great response to our 12 Days of Christmas, we decided to continue the program throughout the year.  In the next couple of weeks, we will be presenting our favorite ideas for Valentine's Day and putting them into kits.  Be looking for them soon! 

Those are the highlights of this week.  We will also start a new contest in the next couple of days, so check back this week.  And because a post isn't a post without a picture, here is one of Cash on Christmas playing with his new giraffe my mom gave him:


Happy Monday!

-posted by Lisa