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We are home from Quilt Market, and as we unpacked on Tuesday we came to the realization that on Friday is November 1st.  Which means we need to have the Label Crew kits out.  Yikes.  We haven't even shown you the project.  

But by some miracle, we actually got them out today- one day early!  But we still haven't shown you what the project is.  

Have you ever had company over for dinner and been completely embarrassed about the state of your pot holders?  Well I have.  They are old, stained and have definitely seen better days.  Which is why I'm taking these.




Just in time for Thanksgiving.  Did I say Thanksgiving?  It's Halloween!  And here is my little minion:


Speaking of holidays, I will throw in one more.  Christmas.  Our biggest event of the year, Sweetwater's 12 Days of Christmas begins Monday.   Yes, Monday!  We can't wait to show you this year's projects!

For more information on the Label Crew, click here.  And if you want a fabric kit for the pot holders, click here.

Have a great Halloween!