All Finished….

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Well, almost.  We have our Reunion quilts finished, photographed and have our pattern covers designed.  The only thing we are missing is our Reunion Tote Bag pattern (not named yet) because we haven't received the canvas that goes with the collection.  But at least we have the quilts done!  

Tn_connections copy

Tn_apron strings


Tn_zig zag copy


We are going to try something new this time.  We are always asked "are you going to have kits for those patterns?"  And our reply is usually, um… I don't know.  We then get the fabric, sell some of it, cut most of it into kits for the Label Crew, then just hoard the rest- thinking that someday we will absolutely need it!  But we never seem to get the quilt kits cut.

But this time, we are going to offer the kits.  There is a little catch- you have to preorder if you want one. That way, we know when the fabric comes in how much we need for the kits.  One more catch- we have to put our fabric order in at Quilt Market next week, so we need to know how much to order.  Which basically means, if you want one, you have a week to order it on our Etsy site.  If you do that, you are assured of getting the kit you want, with the exact fabric as in the sample.  If you don't order within the next week, we may have some left after the fabric gets here, but we can't guarantee it.   The last catch- the fabric doesn't arrive until January, so you will have to wait until then to actually get the kit.

Okay, so now that I have explained that, we can do something fun.  We are giving away the complete set of Reunion patterns to one lucky winner.  Just leave us a comment and let us know which pattern is your favorite.

Our favorite?  That's an easy one.  We all three have the same favorite.  Which means when it comes time to divide up the quilts and take them home, two of us are going to leave with a broken heart.  We all love Zig Zag (such a creative name- we obviously had a serious case of naming block that day).  I am staring at that quilt right now as I am typing.  I love you Zig Zag.  Someday you will be coming home with me.  Or not.  I'll let you know.


My mom's favorite should be Heartstrings.  She had so much fun putting the bunting on all those hearts.


Well, she wouldn't exactly call if "fun".  But they sure are cute!

We will choose a winner next week.  Have a great weekend!