A Whole Lot of Things….

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Yes, we are still alive!  I know it has been a really long time since we posted on our blog.  It’s also been a really long time since we posted on Instagram. It’s kind of been a rough few weeks.  If you don’t follow us on Instagram, you probably don’t know about the tornado in June.

Yes, that’s my house a few seconds before this monster arrived.  Not to be confused with my mom’s house that we have shown many times on our blog and Instagram.  Her’s is fine.  And my family is fine.  And that’s all that really matters.

So because of the tornado and all that came with it….the glass, the mess, the house without a roof, the rebuilding, the insurance, the chaos… I haven’t felt exactly like blogging.  Or posting on Instagram.  Or doing anything work related.  It’s a weird feeling, actually.  I usually want to get things done and plan future projects.  It’s been a struggle doing that the last few weeks, or having any motivation to do so.  I feel like I have no creative ideas left in my brain or any motivation to have creative ideas.  I’m sure this is a temporary feeling and I will get the energy back.  I have to, actually.  We have a fabric design deadline in a couple of weeks.  Yikes.

But even though I’m not much help at work, my mom and sister have been doing everything.  They got the Project Sweetwater boxes out the week after the tornado and then the Hometown Christmas Quilt kits shipped.  That was a huge job.  They are even planning new projects and quilts and totally new products.  Thank goodness for them.

It is usually my job to blog and Instagram, so that is why we have been totally missing.  I didn’t even get to post about our Hometown Christmas Quilt. We finally got it finished and photos taken right before we shipped the kit.  If you didn’t receive a kit, you probably haven’t even seen a picture.  I think it turned out adorable.

I know many of you are waiting to see if we have extra kits left.  We are in the process of trying to figure that out and hope to have an answer next week.  We will also be offering the pattern separately in our store next week.

Now to some good news.  We have a new fabric collection!  We received our sample yardage weeks ago, but just got around to taking some photos yesterday.  If you like red, you’re gonna love this.  My mom and sister really like red.  I mean, they would probably leave out all other colors in every fabric collection ever and just use red.  Fortunately, I have a vote.  And I like more colors than they like.  Which doesn’t mean that I don’t like red.  In fact, I love this new collection.  It has red everywhere.  In fact, we named it Project Red.



We are so excited to show you the red and white quilts we have planned for this collection.  Red and white quilts are classic, timeless and definitely our favorite.  However, we wanted another color in the collection.  But we didn’t want that color to compete with or outshine the red.  It is called Project Red, after all.  We think we found the perfect companion.

We weren’t exactly sure what we should call that color.  We decided on taupe.  That’s pretty boring, but I think it’s accurate.  Here’s the taupe with a little red mixed in.


We have done a couple of projects with the taupe as the background to the red.  I think I love it as much as the red and white quilts.  It just has a different look- we can’t wait to show you!

The Project Red collection will be in our Project Sweetwater boxes in December.  If you don’t yet have a subscription and don’t want to miss out, you can sign up here.  Just a reminder- our next box will ship in September and feature Authentic, Etc.



Oh- and just so you know, Project Red is being shown to stores now and will ship in December!  Have a great weekend!