A Late Christmas Present

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A late present, or maybe an early Christmas 2015 present!  Whatever it is, you will have to wait until May for our newest collection, Holly’s Tree Farm, to be available in stores.  But at least we finally had 10 minutes of tolerable (not nice, not warm) weather so we could get a few pictures.  I know so many of you are freezing right now, just as we are.  Hopefully this will warm you up a bit.  And make sure to get yourself some hot chocolate.  Because everything is better with hot chocolate.

So when introducing this collection, we will tell you we have been thinking about it for years!  It has been a really long time since we had a Christmas collection, so when we got the opportunity to do this, we were beyond excited.  And oh how I love it.  I think my house will be decorated with “Holly’s Tree Farm” from top to bottom next Christmas.  Here is our inspiration.


Not that we have ever loaded up in an old truck and went to a tree farm to cut our own Christmas tree down, but it’s fun to think about it!  I watched the movie Christmas Vacation a couple of weeks ago and the scene where they cut down their tree totally reminded me of this collection!

There are 4 colorways.  Of course there is red.  Because what is Christmas without red?


We have so many ideas for the light fabric in the middle.  We are planning a quilt pattern with embroidered names in the center of those frames and we can picture applique’ there too.  We haven’t had a chance to do that yet, but we did create a super cute bulletin board with it:



Notice the “Feed Company” quilt in the background.  Yes, it matches perfectly.  Can’t wait to combine the Feed Company with Holly.

Here is the green.  Can’t have red without green!


Pretty sure that print at the top of the stack is my favorite.  We wanted to represent the beautiful store windows that can be seen at Christmas.  We put that print into a cute bag (for next year’s 12 Day’s of Christmas) and we can’t wait to show you.  It is so adorable. But you will have to wait until November for that!


Then there is the gray.  Gray is like hot chocolate.  it goes with everything.


In our last Christmas collection, Countdown to Christmas, we used black instead of gray.  But this time, we wanted a softer look and chose gray with just a little black accent.


And finally, there is the blue.  Blue had to be negotiated.  With my mom.  She is all about traditional Christmas.  Red and green.  Or green and red.  That’s the only two options.  So unfortunately for her, my sister and I just did it.  We forced this beautiful ice blue into the collection.  You see, sometimes you win the 2 on 1 arguments and sometimes you don’t!  But if she were honest, I bet she would admit she likes it.  Besides, there are plenty of prints that are just red and green.  But I can’t resist the blue.





Another one of my favorite prints is the trees with the blue background:




And here is a close-up of the trucks.


This collection is currently being shown to stores and will ship in May.  If you would like your favorite quilt shop to carry it, now is the time to let them know!

If you would like to win some (before you can buy it!), we may have a pre-cut we can part with.  Although my tears will be sent with it!  Just leave us a comment letting us know your favorite print in the collection.  We will choose a winner next week.

Also, keep in mind we will be offering pre-orders for our quilts from this collection.  We are working on them and should get them up soon.  But the biggest new is:

WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BLOCK OF THE MONTH!!!!   This time, with Holly’s Tree Farm.  If you are enjoying your Feed Co. BOM, or if you missed that one, you may be interested in the Christmas one.  We will be starting in time for you to finish before the Christmas season next year.  We are working on that one, too.  As soon as we finish, we will show you and have a pre-order period to sign up.

Speaking of the BOM, the second set of blocks just shipped yesterday.  If you have a subscription, look for that in the mail.  One more thing, the fabric kits for the Love Zipper Bag from the Label Crew is available here.

IMG_3221 copy


Good luck with the contest.  And have a great weekend.  It’s a football weekend, right?!!!! You know who I’m rooting for!