A Funny Thing Happened …..

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The other night I get a phone call from my mom it went something like this –

Mom – Are you on pinterest?
Me – No, I have been sitting here at the kitchen table for the past 2 hours helping kids with homework.
Mom –  Are you sure you are not on pinterest? You have to be!
Me – No, Why?
Mom – Well you just pinned something.
Me – I have never pinned anything in my life! Its not me!
Mom – Well it says pinned by Susan Kendrick
Me – What is it?
Mom – Gardening ideas
Me – I assure you it is not me

Now comes the freaky part – I looked up Susan Kendrick's (that is my name too!) pin board and I have saved some of the same exact photos that she has pinned on my phone! (For some reason I'm not even sure why I don't pin things I just save them to my phone).  The more I looked at her board the more things that I have seen myself and said, I like that or I want to do that!  I was kinda freaked out about it.  I'm over it now but thought it was kinda wierd? freaky? cool? How often do you find someone with the same name that has similar tastes and you have never met this person?

So this post isn't just full of talk and no pictures I will show you some of the same things we both like –




All things I would love to have in my dream house!

Anyway, on to work – We have our February label crew kits available on etsy.

Have a great day!!