12 Days of Christmas

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We have been slacking in the blog department lately…because we have been working on one of our biggest events of the year…our 12 Days of Christmas!  Actually, I can't believe it is time to start thinking about Christmas. I guess we are clued in when the day after Halloween, you walk into Target and it looks like the Christmas fairy turned all of the Halloween costumes into trees, lights and ornaments.

If you aren't familair with our "12 Days of Christmas", here is a little rundown.  For the next 12 days (except Saturday and Sunday- we aren't that crazy) we will show a new project, kit or gift item that will make your Holiday season fun.  This year we have a combination of sewing kits as well as ready-made items to treat yourself or someone you love.  All of the items and kits will be available to purchase on our Etsy site.    

So, to kick things off,  we have our Ruffle Garland made from our Countdown To Christmas fabric:



Not only can you gift someone with the packaging on their present, you can also decorate with the garland:


We also think it would be great to wrap around your Christmas tree.  But since I don't have a tree yet, I don't have a picture.  You just have to imagine that one.

The kit includes the instructions and fabric to create 2 six foot garlands.  You could also make 1 twelve foot garland, or 4 three foot garlands,  but that is up to you!

For more information and to purchase the kit, click here.  See you tomorrow!