Join the fun of this unique Block of The Month.  Here are the highlights:

  • The blocks are embroidered.  However, you can still create the quilt without any embroidery if desired!
  • Each customer in your store that joins will receive 2 blocks per month.
  • This BOM lasts for 6 months (2 blocks each month).  The first shipment will be in April 2015 and the last will be in September 2015.
  • The blocks are preprinted with all of the embroidery lines marked.  No tracing is required!
  • Each customer will have the opportunity to have one of their blocks personalized with their last name (or anything they would like).  This block will ship in September.  We will contact you for a list of names prior to the September shipment.  If a custom name is not specified, we will substitute “Sweetwater” for that block.
  • The pattern for the construction of the quilt is included at no cost and will be shipped with the first month’s blocks.
  • If you would like to order fabric from Moda to complete the quilt as it is shown, below is the yardage requirements.  Please be aware that you have a limited time to order the “Feed Company” fabric from Moda.  However, the embroidery blocks will always be available.  Because the color scheme is fairly simple (mainly black, cream and red), many low-volume fabrics would work great.
  • If you order a minimum of 6 BOM kits, your store will receive one complete set of blocks for free in order to make a sample.  Those blocks will be sent right away.  You can also have one of the blocks personalized with your company name, city and state.

                                                                                           One Quilt          Six Quilts           Twelve Quilts
#5571-24 (Recipe Print)                                                    2 yards              12 yards               24 yards

#5575-13 (Black Check)                                                     1.5 yards           9 yards                 18 yards

#5576-14 (Binding)                                                              1/2 yard             3 yards                 6 yards

Backing                                                                                      4 yards               24 yards              48 yards


Individual blocks will also be available for sale in March.  They are great for other projects, such as pillows.

If you would like order the Feed Company BOM for your store, please complete the form below, letting us know your store would like to order.  We will then contact you and get you set up!